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Professional metal stamping products processing, metal mold design and production

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
We are specialized in manufacturing metal stamping molds, metal stamping parts production, injection molding, plastic mould manufacturer, the main business scope of business: metal stamping parts, metal mold design and production, shrapnel production and processing, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, iron processing, injection molding processing, plastic products production, injection mold design and manufacturing, plastic mold manufacturing, CNC machining. Our factory has more than ten years of mold design and manufacture, metal stamping production experience. On the strict control of production of excellence and quality, to provide customers with good OEM service metal stamping factory have punching machine, milling machine, grinding machine, wire cutting machine, according to the customers' samples or drawings independently of mold design and production, and help customers to solve problems in production. We have advanced injection molding machine, CNC computer gongs, electric spark machine, milling machine, grinding machine, and so on equipment, and attached to the CAM design software, to provide customers with high quality injection products, plastic injection processing, mold design and manufacturing. Efforts to solve customer problems, mutual collaboration is our motivation. Welcome people from all walks of life to figure to sample processing production and processing. The previous: hardware processing of stamping parts in inspection methods and standards
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