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Progressive die assembly steps in the production of stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-07
The position of progressive die in the production of stamping parts is very important, especially for mass production. Progressive dies are cited by many stamping factories because of their more stable production and higher efficiency. Next we look at the assembly steps of the lower progressive die. (1) Clean the surface of the mold equipment (the bottom side of the slider, the lower side of the operating table); (2) Move the slider to the top dead center of the stroke arrangement, adjust the slider to the lower limit, and then pull the mold out of the punching machine The influence of the settings within. After confirming that the mold is correctly pressed against the circlip, put down the mold lifter. Fix the lower mold with the anchor bolts and the upper mold holder firmly on the surface of the operating table; (3) Lower the slider to a few millimeters higher than the bottom of all molds; (4) Use the slider to adjust and lower the slider again. Tighten the anchor bolts until the lower mold is touched, so that the lower mold holder will firmly fix the lower mold on the bottom plate of the slide block; (5) Use the slide block adjustment to raise the slide block for several millimeters, and then remove it. Components for mold storage; (6) Set the closed mold height to a few millimeters higher than the set closed mold height; (7) At the closed mold height here, the operation is completed by inching. After judging that it is not enough, tighten the anchor bolts or the upper mold holder to clamp the upper mold; (8) Move the slide block higher than all dead points; (9) Re-set the closed mold height to the predetermined closed mold Height, that is, the height of the closed mold during the mold design plan; (10) Continuity of dependent installation such as mis-clamping (mis-delivery) inspection, etc.; (11) Determine the removal of objects and waste disposal and installation; (12) Set mold cache installation and top Material installation and balance the working pressure of the cylinder; (13) Adjust the clock frequency control. [Recommendation] Learn more: What are the methods for polishing the surface of stainless steel? Learn more: Manufacturing characteristics of automobile stamping die
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