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Protection measures in the process of hardware terminal products

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Hardware protection measures in the process of terminal products are widely used in electronic industry are increasingly changing the human production and way of life, as in the electronics hardware terminals, it is very important for the precision and requirements in electronic products. Protection measures in the hardware terminal products in the production process: 1. Paper plates, the use of paper to make paper harder K = K, not easy fracture and deformation. Have the effect of the first level protection terminal. 2. The thickness of the styrofoam, note must be higher than the width of the product, in case the crooked PIN terminal products, as well as the deformation. The thickness of the paper for terminal shape, can use 0. Thick 1 or 0. 2 thick paper tape. 3. Server-side subclass product each plate must be folded plate, look for products (climb up, as well as the crooked PIN. 4. Trays, packaging material head not show tape terminal products. 5. The subclass product to each dish, add square styrofoam to support disk, prevent deformation caused by the high product stack. 6. Use a hard paper box packing carton, the four corners and protection support, to ensure that every product in the process of transportation is not squeezed or damaged due to turbulence. Precision company based on customer product hardware terminal requirements and special performance, using the best quality raw materials, in the machining process, strictly meet customer requirements of size, in the packaging and shipping, effectively protect the product from wear and tear. Precision terminal terminal precision terminals
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