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Punching mesh factory is how packing stainless steel mesh products

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Stamping is dongguan punching sheet manufacturers, microporous, stainless steel pores, pores and other mesh products. About mesh products packaging, it is according to the customer's requirements for packaging. The following packing is summarize several kinds of commonly used packaging according to customer requirements. Punching manufacturers often use way of packing and pallet packaging. Used to compare the thick mesh product packaging, mechanical transportation convenient operation. Smaller mesh products with packaging bags. Also useful blister box packaging, protective more save a space, convenient use, etc. Export mesh products generally use wooden pallet for packing, and blister paper for packaging, then use packing belt, prevent product damage loss. Punching sheet manufacturers have the above three kinds of commonly used packing method, will pack the goods according to the customer's requirements.
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