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Raw material price increases to hardware enterprise what to do

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Recent metal raw material prices rising, deeply affected the hardware market, prices of hardware products. China international hardware show, CIHS) Is an important place for big deals by domestic hardware enterprises, and therefore unusually sensitive to price. Although at present from the exhibition there will be more than a month time, but the exhibitors have to succumb to an urgent mood, contact the organizing committee of the CIHS '09, consulting the buyer information. 'On the market for raw materials such as copper, aluminum and stainless steel hardware products mark-up is larger, such as locks, building hardware, bathroom hardware, daily hardware products, etc. CIHS '09 'one official said,' raw materials rise in price, the price of the product is natural also want to bring up. If the raw material prices have been rising indefinitely, the enterprise will communicate with the client, get appropriate price increase again after the understanding of the customer. In this regard, we will communicate with buyers, especially some foreign buyers. Before some important buyers through our selected suppliers, only waiting for the exhibition site to see the real products after order, and now in this case, we will in advance and they say, lest produce misunderstanding. 'Said the head at the same time, the metal raw material price increases, most of the companies to raise prices, but also own part of the pressure, which requires the enterprise timely transformation management thinking, cost savings, improve productivity and the ability of technology innovation. CIHS '09 as one three DaWuJin exhibition in the world and the most influential professional hardware, the exhibition is hardware trading companies and professional buyers, important platform for communication and making friends. This year the exhibition held date is September 16 ~ 18, location in Shanghai new international expo center. When it comes to raw material price factors, the head that domestic infrastructure construction, need a lot of building hardware and daily hardware products, it from a certain extent, affect the price of the metal materials. In addition, the domestic futures market of metal materials of led to non-ferrous metal prices higher. Influenced by the futures market, many manufacturers that make the spot is not willing to put products into production, but the hoard, such natural affect the hardware companies in the downstream of the industrial chain. 'The shortage of the domestic market, resulting in the increase of imported raw materials, but the actual used in the production of proportion is very small, it is not normal, need to return to the rational market. 'CIHS '09 head revealed his worry,' we like to call through the media companies don't continue hoarding, to rationally treat the rally. Do not just for the purpose of hardware enterprises, also hope to give alarm metal raw materials market. How large raw material inventory to digest, maybe it's really a problem. 'In an article: presents six characteristics of China's hardware industry development
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