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Raw materials exports zero tariff hardware companies see ample light

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
It is reported, to stabilize the export, the Ministry of Finance announced since July 1, 2009, China's export tariffs adjustments for some products, cancel the wire and other industrial products the tentative export tariffs, the lower part of rare metal and chemical products export duties. This is since the global financial crisis, the government for the fourth time for steel and steel products export tax preferential adjustment. Due to the recent domestic steel prices rise too fast, the spot market in wu contract-signing process, lead to steel prices rise further. As the hardware industry raw materials market, steel market prices directly affect the hardware of the enterprise production cost, therefore, the lower the tariff on iron and steel products and cancel, to reduce hardware enterprise production cost, reduce the burden of enterprises is of vital significance. Recently for a period of time, the international energy prices rise and metal ore prices, driven the production cost of raw material such as steel, copper, aluminum, lead to metal enterprise production costs are rising. The pressure of the rising of raw materials has spread to the whole hardware industry, industry suffered unprecedented pressure. According to related statistics, hardware companies processing production needs to consume in a given area around 4 million tons of steel, roughly 1000 yuan a ton of steel prices, the whole hardware industry will increase the cost of nearly 4 billion yuan a year. In most hardware products are steel as raw materials, rising steel prices will inevitably affect the hardware industry, have a certain impact on hardware industry. And for the household hardware manufacturers, for metal attachment force is bigger, the raw material of the raw material market to directly determine the price of hardware products and market sale. The Treasury again reduce steel products and metal chemical products of export tariffs, for hardware enterprises, especially those of export-oriented enterprises, benefit is obvious. In June, the Chinese economy as a whole has the valley, favorable conditions and positive factors are gradually increasing, and hardware industry overall situation is stabilizing. Combined with government industrial policy to stimulate consumption, expanding domestic demand, stable external demand, therefore, the prospect of a good hardware industry. A: traditional system market energy-saving potential is very huge
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