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Reasonable material selection produces better metal stamping parts.


Everyone knows the importance of raw materials. The quality of materials will affect the performance of metal stamping parts, the process design of stamping processing, the cost and service life of stamping parts, etc. How to choose materials reasonably and produce better metal stamping parts is especially important first. The editor tells you that you should have the following four basic requirements.


1. The surface of the material should be smooth and smooth, without delamination and mechanical damage, without rust, scale and other attachments.


2. The material should have: good formability, rigidity, extensibility, dent resistance, corrosion resistance and weldability and other technological properties.


3. The thickness tolerance of the material should meet the national standard.


4. The material should have good adaptability to mechanical bonding and further processing such as welding, painting, electroplating, machining and riveting.


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