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Reasons and measures for turning over and twisting of stamping parts when bending

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
When the stamping parts processing plant is bending the stamping parts, it will produce some undesirable phenomena, such as turning over, twisting, etc. What is the reason for this situation? It is caused by the burrs of the stamping parts produced during the blanking process. It is necessary to study the cutting edge and check whether the blanking gap is reasonable; the stamping parts have been turned over and twisted during the blanking process, resulting in poor forming after bending. The solution is from the blanking and unloading station; for the turning and distortion of the stamping parts caused by instability during bending, especially the U-shaped and V-shaped bending, etc., the stamping parts can be guided before bending. , And pressing the material during the bending process to prevent the stamping parts from slipping during bending; Recommended article: Precautions for oil injection in stamping parts processing Previous: Precautions for oil injection in stamping parts processing
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