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Regarding the introduction of stamping parts accuracy, what are the influencing factors?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Like any mechanical processing, stamping parts processing also has its own range of processing accuracy. In actual production, due to too many factors affecting the processing accuracy of stamping parts, the accuracy requirements for stamping parts are not easy to be too high. If the accuracy requirements are too high, it will inevitably bring difficulties to process design, mold design and manufacturing. In some cases, it is necessary to increase the stamping processes such as shaping and trimming or even machining processes to meet the quality requirements of stamping parts. The accuracy of stamping parts can generally be divided into two categories: precision grade and economic grade. The precision grade refers to the highest precision allowed by the stamping process technology, while the economic grade refers to the precision that the stamping process can be technically achievable and the most economically reasonable when the mold reaches the maximum allowable wear, which is the so-called Economic precision. In order to reduce the cost of stamping parts and obtain the best technical and economic effects, economic accuracy should be used as far as possible without affecting the requirements for the use of stamping parts. What are the factors that affect the accuracy of stamping parts? 1. The manufacturing precision of the convex and concave molds; 2. The gap between the convex and concave molds; 3. The performance recovery of the material after stamping; 4. Other factors in the production process, such as inaccurate positioning and unstable material properties; article Recommendation: The disassembly sequence and assembly sequence of the metal stamping part die Previous: What should be paid attention to in the design of the continuous die of the stamping part?
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