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Relay classified exactly what way

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Relay is an electrical control device. It has a control system ( Also called input circuit) And control system ( Is also called the output circuit) The interaction between. Usually used in automatic control circuit, it is actually with a small current to control large current operation of a 'automatic switch. In a circuit plays an automatic adjustment, safety protection, conversion circuit, and so on. According to the size of the appearance of relay category 1) The micro relay 2) Subminiature miniature relay 3) Small miniature relay classified by relay load 1) Micro power relay. 2) Weak power relay. 3) In the power relay. 4) High-power relay classified according to the relay protection characteristics, that is, Sealed relay 2) Enclosed relay 3) Open relay according to the relay can be classified according to the action principle of 1) Electromagnetic type 2) Induction type 3) Rectifier type 4) Electrical 5) Digital type can be classified according to the response quantities such as 1) Current relay 2) Voltage relay 3) Power directional relay 4) Impedance relay. 5) Frequency relay 6) Gas ( Gas) Relay protection in accordance with the relay circuit, the role of category 1) Starter relay 2) Measurement relay 3) Time relay 4) Intermediate relay. 5) Signal relay 6) Export relay
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