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Riveting die 3 big problem solution

by:Fortuna     2021-02-03
1. Riveting die waste jump point a. Punch length is not according to the blade cut into the die punch material thickness 1 mm to replace the punch a b. Die clearance is too large to cut into the child reducing clearance or use only the machine reduced clearance c. Punch or template will not demagnetization punch or template with demagnetizer demagnetization 2. Riveting die waste plugging point a. Small or blanking blanking hole hole deviation increasing blanking hole, smooth b blanking. Blanking hole have increased chamfering blanking hole chamfer c. Edge expansion has put the taper thread taper or bottom hole reduce straight wall length d. Blade drilling bit long tails straight wall, make the blade straight wall a shortened e. Edge collapse, causing a large front, plugging material grinding blade 3 again. Riveting die tat bad a. Edge collapse, causing the beatles feng is too large to grinding blade b. The punch and die clearance is too large wire cut into pieces, with clearance c again. Poor die edge finish polishing blade straight wall a d. The punch and die clearance is too small to province, e with clearance. Lifter force is too large, reverse pull back in the spring, reduce material force
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