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Riveting terminal/medical silver contact riveting terminal bad phenomenon analysis and improvement measures

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Riveting terminal/medical silver contact riveting terminal bad phenomenon analysis and countermeasures to improve the company in order to promote the development of stamping technology, continuously develop innovative, developed in 2013 silver contact subclass product technology, riveting end connections, conduction effect in the relay. Common function and medical, communications, transportation, transportation, electronics and other fields, Contact: also called contact. ) In silver contact riveting terminal in the production of stamping, stamping adverse phenomenon must be specific problem specific analysis, save the production cost, achieve smooth production. Here are in research and development of silver contact riveting terminal product early cause of the bad phenomena encountered in the process of analysis and improvement countermeasures, for mould maintenance personnel job reference. One, silver contact riveting terminal bad phenomenon analysis 1, the contact material overflow: step 2 cavity is small. 2, riveting gap: the second step under the riveting die and take off the board didn't killed. 3, contact grooves, the first stop on pre rivet contact thickness is too thin, leading to the second step contact at the bottom of the cavity is less than 4, shrapnel deformation: because the bottom hole is too small a second step the unbroken much too big expansion is expected to lead to deformation of the shell off 5, contact: 1: the first step in advance riveting to play enough, 2: feed plate gasket is easy to loose. 6, contact filamentous crushed: because the concentricity of two-step riveting is not exactly the same, the first step after riveting contact diameter is larger, which leads to the second step cavity edge cut excess stock. 7, contact the fan crushed: rivet on the vibration plate of the knot, the knot between vibration plate and mold. Displacement or vibration plate line breadth too big blow. 8, the contact surface is not smooth: 1: when refueling cavity or oil foreign body in it. 2: the water pressure. 9, slow speed when the rivet into a mold: mold inside air pressure is too big, at the time of forward, the pressure will also block behind the rivet to walk forward. 10, rivets in vibration disc fall down: after vibration plate used for too long, some dirty move west in the corner of the orbit, blocking the rivet to walk forward. Second, silver contact riveting terminal bad phenomenon countermeasures to improve 1, match to the diameter of cavity size depth are always high in place to control the riveting, heightening the second step of the height of the lower die or take off the plate parts without shedding 3, rivet, minus the first step riveting height of punch. Step 2: heightening the riveting height lower die parts. 3: replace the smaller rivet rivet head diameter. Step 4, subtract 2 riveting of height of punch, the unbroken size to 1. 90 to 1. No more than 95, height in 1. 99 or so for the best. 5, 1: the first step and riveting the height of the punch, 2: guide plate bend trough deeply 0. 87, under the condition of the rivet don't fall off, the first step in reduced the height of the riveting punch. Or replace big diameter smaller rivet 7 points, vibration plate of four angles to the stability, can not shake, to aim at two tapping. 8, 1: refueling cavity clean. 2: when stop switch off the air pressure. 9, the mould pressure as long as in the case of rivet can promote the mould moving, try to open a small point of 10, each class to be with a clean cloth and alcohol clean vibration plates of stainless steel parts, use dry cloth to clean up the rest of the parts.
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