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RJ terminal - PC class cable port terminals

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
RJ terminal - PC with terminal RJ cable port terminals, is one of the most common terminal end subclass type, the main use is cable and telephone line connection, namely we often say that the crystal joint. RJ terminal has good stability and resistance performance of stable long-term keep the signal transmission. RJ terminals from the nineties of the last century in China by computer, to today, with the optical fiber to promote began to preempt the market of fiber optic connectors, RJ terminal market demand is still very large, however, in 2016, according to economists estimated market size is up to 6 billion yuan of above, a huge share. In RJ terminal contact sheet metal is a high-precision stamping famous electronic components products. According to the nature of RJ terminal box of metal stamping parts, its characteristics of material need to be flexible, so mostly use C5191, which is common in the stamping industry phosphor copper, nickname also called phosphor bronze. Common use is effect on electronic connector stampings, switch, interface, etc. Today to introduce this to our internal number: 3 - D RJ terminals, material C5191, commonly known as phosphor copper, T = 0. 3, gold-plated plating specification use environmental protection 10 u '; According to the total number of delivery, production and mould and so on various aspects factor, overrunning the set value is: 500 SPM ( Metal stamping high speed can reach 1500 SPM) 。 Picth distance of 1. 27. According to the design drawing and customer's requirement and the actual effect of stamping, this kind of no. 3 - D RJ terminals, dimensional tolerance: + / - 0. 02; Flatness: + / - 0. 05. Is a degree: + / - 0. 06; Vertical degree: + / - 0. 06; Straightness: + / - 0. 6. The finished weight about: 0. 5 g/a. According to the finished product tests show that the characteristics of the finished product is: the product has good elasticity, resistance to plug more than 10000 times. Product use: PC class cable port terminal.
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