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Several common surface treatment processes for aluminum stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-04-19
Friends in the stamping industry often encounter aluminum stamping parts, because the specific gravity of aluminum is relatively light, so products of the same size are also lighter, and the cost will be effectively reduced. Basically, 90% of the aluminum stamping parts we process require surface treatment. Here, Dongyi Stamping shares some common surface treatment methods for aluminum stamping parts. First, the surface treatment of aluminum stamping parts with improved aluminum anodization has to be anodized. Anodizing can effectively compensate for the lack of surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminum stamping parts, and it can also greatly increase the use time of aluminum stamping parts and make the product look more beautiful. Now, anodizing has become the most common and common surface treatment method for aluminum stamping products. Anodizing refers to the electrochemical oxidation of metals or alloys. Aluminum and its alloys form a layer of oxide film on aluminum products (anode) under the action of applied current under the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions. In addition, aluminum stamping parts can also be anodized to obtain various colors of the surface, further expanding the use of aluminum stamping parts. 2. Sandblasting Sandblasting is generally an intermediate process for the surface treatment of aluminum stampings. The aluminum stampings after sandblasting can effectively remove surface burrs and oil stains. The surface of aluminum parts can improve the cleanliness and can be controlled by sandblasting materials. To get products with different surface roughness. After sandblasting, the performance of the product can be significantly improved. In the subsequent surface treatment process, the adhesion between the aluminum stamping part and the coating can also be increased, making the product more durable and beautiful. 3. Polishing treatment The polished aluminum stamping parts can be close to the mirror effect, which greatly improves the grade and aesthetics of the product. However, due to the characteristics of aluminum products, the polishing of aluminum stampings is relatively rare, and if other surface treatments are not done after polishing, the durability will be relatively low. It is difficult to maintain the mirror effect for a long time after polishing of aluminum stamping parts. Generally, it is recommended to use stainless steel for products that require a mirror effect. Fourth, wire drawing processing There are many types of wire drawing of aluminum stamping parts. The more common ones are straight wire drawing, random wire drawing, spiral drawing, and thread drawing. After the drawing process of aluminum stamping parts, organic waste gas treatment can see clear and fine traces on the surface, and the product gives people a visual sense of luminous silk pattern. Aluminum stamping parts basically need to be surface treated after processing, but which treatment method to choose depends on the specific requirements of the customer. In the case of no request from the customer, anodizing is generally used. Related news: The characteristics of the main materials of stamping parts, the treatment of common problems of stamping parts, the characteristics of scaffolding stamping parts and the importance of inspections
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