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Several factors affecting the cost of CNC machining parts


Many CNC processing manufacturers have been seeking to control the cost of CNC processing as much as possible. Many buyers have also found that the quotations given by different companies for the same product are very different. What are the main reasons? Regardless of the size of the factory, the location of the factory, and many other factors, how can we better control the cost of CNC processing? Dongguan Fortuna Metals CO., LTD has more than ten years of experience in high-precision CNC machining. Next, let's share with you which factors will cause differences in CNC machining costs. Let's take a look.

1. Demand for precision processing equipment

The price of different production equipment is definitely different, so it causes the difference in labor costs. For a simple example, the price difference between 200,000 RMB equipment and 2 million RMB processing equipment will definitely be very large. Use multiple devices to write to complete a product and use one device to use multiple functions to complete a product. Because the processing functions of the equipment are different, the price will be different. For example, for precision turning and milling parts, the cost of using a lathe and a CNC milling machine must exceed the cost of an economical turning and milling machine tool, but if the lathe and milling machine are older or less branded, the province Cheaper equipment is another matter. There are also relatively large-scale companies that require high-precision testing equipment to assist them because of the high requirements for the products they contact, which invisibly increases the cost of using the equipment.

2, the size and shape of the part

The size and shape of the part itself, large and complex precision parts, the processing part will be large, the use of materials will naturally increase, and the waste generated by the processing will increase, and some users have special requirements for the finish of the product. , So the cost will increase.

3. Subsequent processing after precision machining

Many buyersproducts require follow-up treatments, such as oxidation, spraying, heat treatment, etc., because they involve different fields. These processes are also an aspect of increasing product costs. Therefore, engineers must conduct adequate product evaluations when designing products. And measure the cost performance.

To sum up, if you need to control costs, choosing appropriate precision processing technology and equipment, materials, and outsourcing cooperation is the best way to effectively control costs. Don't just adopt it because the processing costs of a certain company are particularly cheap.

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