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Several factors affecting the quality of copper busbars.

Several factors affecting the quality of copper busbars.


The surface quality of copper busbars can be divided into three main aspects: surface cleanness, surface flattness and surface defects, which are inseparable from copper properties, production process, production management and production environment.


1. Factors affecting the cleanness surface of copper busbars

Compared with other metals, copper has good corrosion resistance, but it will still undergo chemical changes in environments such as high temperature, humidity, acid mist, etc., resulting in surface discoloration. In the process of copper busbar production, storage and transportation, these unfavorable environmental conditions exist to varying degrees, which will have a certain impact on the surface quality.


2. Temperature

In the atmospheric environment, copper will slowly oxidize at room temperature; when the temperature rises to 100 degrees Celsius, black copper oxide begins to form, and the oxidation rate is proportional to the logarithm of time; when the temperature rises to 185 degrees Celsius, oxidation The speed is significantly increased, and when the temperature is raised above 400 degrees Celsius, the oxidation rate is faster and increases in a parabolic shape.


3. Humidity

In a humid environment, the surface of the copper busbar is corroded or oxidized due to the presence of water vapor. When the temperature is constant, the growth rate of oxide film increases with the increase of humidity.


4. Lubricant factors in drawing process

The function of the process lubricant is to reduce friction, to ensure and improve the surface quality of the processed material, to prevent the metal from sticking to the mold, and to cool down. The lubricant, residual acid, residual water, etc. remaining on the surface of the copper busbar during the drawing process of the copper busbar will also directly or indirectly affect the surface quality of the copper busbar. A better lubricant has good lubricity, and the residual capacity on the surface of the copper busbar is the source of discoloration or corrosion marks on the surface of the copper busbar.

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