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Several main points of appearance control of precision stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-11
For the production of precision stamping parts, if the steel raw materials are imported stainless steel materials, the precision hardware parts that are punched out often have appearance defects such as spots, crushes, and scratches. At the same time, when this happens, add a vacuum cleaner and exhalation nozzle to the punch, but the effect is not satisfactory. In fact, to deal with this situation, there are many ways to solve: add a protective film, stick it on the material, ask the supplier when buying the material, do not add oil or water when the product is processed, and it is best to let the product come out one by one during production. , The cutting knife has overlap and is easy to be crushed and bruised! The cost is higher and can be considered.   2. It is really not possible. Try different raw materials. The performance of imported SUS and domestically produced products is sometimes very different. The performance of different domestic suppliers is also different, but while ensuring sufficient performance, controlling the cost is also a way to solve the problem!  3. Add appropriate amount of punching oil, (to lubricate the punch, cut the mouth to prevent the generation of waste) regularly clean the mold, sharpen the punch in time, keep the sharpness, and reduce the generation of debris is also an effective method! 4. The finish of the stainless steel casting mold must be good. The surface of the mold should be cleaned with a brush during processing. The surface of the mold and the workbench should be cleaned frequently. There should be no iron filings and other particulate impurities on the surface of the material or mold, but the production efficiency is reduced. . Relative to the rejection rate, it is acceptable! Related news: The characteristics of the main materials of stamping parts, the treatment of common problems of stamping parts, the characteristics of scaffolding stamping parts and the importance of inspections
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