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Several points of precision stamping parts appearance control

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Steel raw material for production of precision stamping parts, if the access is imported stainless steel material, the cutting and precision hardware, often appear some wounded, bruised, scratches and other cosmetic defects. When that happens at the same time, the punching machine equipped with a vacuum cleaner, exhale mouth processing, but the effect is not ideal. Solve the ways to deal with this kind of situation, can have a lot of: add protective film, on the material, suppliers will line when buying material requirements, product processing without gas or water, make product one by one, as far as possible when production cutting knife mouth overlap easily bruised, bruised! The cost is higher, can consider. 2. Really can not, try replacing different raw materials, imported SUS and domestic performance can vary widely. Domestic different supplier performance also has difference, but in ensuring adequate performance at the same time, to control the cost is also a method to solve the problem! 3. Add a moderate amount of punching and shearing of oil, ( Lubricate the punch, cutting mouth to prevent scraps) Cleaning the mold, timely to grinding of punch, sharp, reduce the generation of debris is also effective way! 4. Stainless steel casting mold finish is close friends certainly, brush with wool processing when cleaning up mould surface, often should clean the mold surface and workbench, cannot have iron particles and other impurities in the material or mold surface pressure caused by injury, but reduces the production efficiency. Relative to the rejection rate, it is acceptable!
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