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Several problems of metal stamping plant

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Metal stamping processing plants are now facing the following problems: 1. Labor costs soaring. Today's society, most young people would not choose to engage in stamping this hard boring work. Everyone's pursuit and relaxed or get rich quick, thoughts of a two-year make thousands a month, do the impossible. A large number of so-called stamping person is just the passer-by of the industry, they just think it's a helpless pain, in fact, rooted in manufacturing industry has the ability to people, also did well. Most domestic metal stamping factory is labor intensive, manufacturing workers demand is big, to find people, coupled with the rising prices in recent years, of course to pay rise. 2. Vicious competition. Stamping industry threshold is low, resulting in the entire industry face of the inevitable vicious competition in the phenomenon. Not only in quality and price is constantly being down, profit space is very weak. 3. Prices keep rising and factory prices. Required raw materials, metal stamping parts production equipment prices are rising, makes the pressure of the stamping plant grows. The main or workshop costs rise, prices are now on the high side also drives workshop rent for a year is higher than a year. A lot of metal stamping factory had to compare factory moved to a remote location.
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