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Sheet metal stamping parts processing process

by:Fortuna     2020-04-09
For any piece of metal plate, there is a certain amount of sheet metal stamping, this is the process. Process may change along with the structure of sheet metal parts, but generally not more than the following: 1. Design and draw the parts drawing the sheet metal parts, also known as the three view drawing. Through drawing its function is to express the structure of sheet metal parts. 2. Draw a diagram. In other words, a complex parts structure into a flat parts. 3. Blanking, mainly has the following kinds: a. Cut the material, is to use the width of the cut is expected to cut out the shape of the developed size. b。 Under the pressure. Is a step by step punch or on board a unfolds, the structure made of flat shape. c。 CNC cutting. First write nc blanking process. Is the use of programming software, to write map extension into the nc machine tools, can identify the program. d。 Laser blanking. Is using laser cutting method, in a piece of iron plate structure will be cut out of shape. 4. Flanging tapping. Flanging and smoke hole, and it is through a hole in a smoke into a larger hole, then tap on the inlet hole. This do can increase strength, prevent tooth slippage. They can be used for the thickness of the sheet metal processing. When the thickness is bigger, such as the thickness is greater than 2. 0, 2. 5, etc. , can be directly tapping, flanging. Cutting processing: in general, cutting processing including drift Angle cutting, cutting, strong convex torn bags, blanking, punching extraction processing methods, such as processing in order to achieve the purpose. Pressure riveting. As for the factory, there is pressure riveting screw, nut, screw, etc. Pressure riveting method are usually performed by punch press or hydraulic riveting machine, the aircraft riveted to the sheet metal parts. 7. Bending. Bending is the two-dimensional plane parts fold into three-dimensional parts. Folding bed and the corresponding bending die processing needed to complete the operation. 8. Welding. Welding is the multiple parts are welded together, achieve the purpose of processing or single edge welding seam, in order to increase its strength, the general processing are: carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding, argon arc welding, spot welding and robot welding, etc. The choice of the welding method is based on the actual requirements and material. Generally speaking, the steel plate welding using co2 gas shielded welding. Aluminum plate welding with argon arc welding. Robot welding is mainly used in large, weld materials. Such as cabinet put oneself in another's position of welding robot welding can be used, save a lot of tasks, improve the work efficiency and welding quality. 9. Surface treatment. Surface treatment generally includes phosphating film, color zinc, chromate plating, painting, oxidation, such as phosphating film generally used in the manufacture and electrolytic plate, its role is mainly on the material surface coating to prevent oxidation of protective film. Another way is to improve the adhesion of paint. Manufacture surface treatment is generally used in multicolor zinc plating. Chromate and is usually used in aluminum oxide and aluminum surface treatment. Specific surface treatment method according to customer's requirements. Relevant search: stamping parts processing, metal stamping parts, sheet metal stamping related links: http://www. wuxilongshun。 com/
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