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Sheet stamping parts should pay attention to the choice of brand, cost and specification

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Stamping parts manufacturer to remind users, in the production of stamping products, the selection of material is critical. Based on past experience, stamping material choice should take the thickness, size, brand and so on. Only choose the reasonable plate, can be processed into high-quality stamping parts. 1, stamping sheet about the brand of requirements sheet stamping parts, should avoid to choose high grade of material products, so as not to cause the product performance process, which is unnecessary waste. So, as long as under the premise that satisfies the requirement of stamping process, selecting the appropriate type of material. 2, the matching of sheet stamping parts and equipment to facilitate the processing, should choose the materials used in the existing production models, material thickness, can also provide follow-up procurement, inventory management, convenient and reduce the unnecessary trouble. 3, procurement stamping plate cost to consider cost saving is a common goal of each manufacturer, because the material will be for different prices have different specifications, thickness, so want to reduce costs, from purchasing volume wide to take measures, on the premise of guarantee the material utilization, try to choose a premium volume wide. 4, suitable size help stamping efficient production besides can reduce cost, choose the appropriate size, can reduce the secondary shear link, so as to greatly reduce the cost of the shear and workload, is of great benefit to improve the work efficiency.
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