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Shell fragments and explosion shock wave coupling inquiry

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Precision shrapnel shrapnel shrapnel and explosion shock wave coupling inquiry/shell fragments and shock waves are two important aspects of weapon warhead damage effect, both have a certain correlation. Through the study of coupling effect, shrapnel and explosion shock wave with shrapnel were analyzed and derived in motion and the equation of motion in the air, and the influence of cartridge cases of weapon explosion shock wave. Model is verified by the example analysis, and the rationality of the calculation method and the correctness. The maximum speed of shrapnel and shell thickness of the impact factors of explosion shock wave energy and decreased with the increase of the thickness of the shell. Thickening of cartridge cases leads to phase in detonation gas interact with shell, have more energy loss in the process of the shell expansion and broken, so that the energy of the explosion shock wave. Must be taken into account in the actual calculation, the existence of shell and shell thickness of the effect of explosion shock wave energy.
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