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Shenzhen precision metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-05-01
After the precision metal stamping parts are processed, it is necessary to check the products produced. Some issues worthy of attention for quality personnel are: no flicker, no deformation, unevenness, bad punching, riveting, bad teeth, bending angle, missing material, misalignment, bad hooks, no quality problems, such as surface scratches and pressure mark. In the stamping process of metal stamping parts, these quality problems must be strictly controlled to ensure that the quality of stamping parts is controlled. the best.

Of all the hardware and steel applications in the world, many are plate types, and more than 70% of these metal plates are made of stamping parts. E.g

:Automatic stamping parts, stamping shrapnel, precision metal stamping parts, medical metal stamping parts, communication stamping parts, drawing hardware and electronics

The steel plates on the machine are all produced by stamping. In addition, there are household appliances, meters,

Public machinery, etc. are also embossed and formed. Precision metal stamping parts

Before the metal stamping parts enter the press, it is necessary to ensure that the raw materials can smoothly enter the correct stamping position in the mold. During the processing, you need to pay attention to some details: deformation caused by scattering and other reasons; oxidation caused by rust and excessive placement; oxidation problems caused by fingerprints. These problems need to be strictly handled and controlled during the processing.

In addition, precision metal stamping parts need to meet its unique anti-rust requirements: the factory's stamping parts must guarantee 15 days of anti-rust time.

The metal waste generated during the stamping process is cleaned up in time to avoid mixing into other products or sticking to the product.
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