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Shrapnel in the mobile application and material use

by:Fortuna     2021-02-05
Dongguan precision professional for each big mobile phone accessories manufacturers processing precision stamping parts, according to the use function to distinguish the types of mobile phone shell is divided into two main various: mobile phone key-press shrapnel, mainly mobile phone side volume to add and subtract, open the key, the small shrapnel HOME button below the main screen. Usually shapes are irregular rectangle, mainly use 304 l stainless steel, thickness is in commonly 0. About 1 mm. Stamping forming after surface processing is simple, only need to wash the oil can, need not do plating processing. Shrapnel circuit connection: this kind of shell is more precise and high processing requirements. Mainly used in mobile phone circuit between the conduction, usually need to welding, so commonly used beryllium copper soft materials. The processing precision is in commonly & plusmn; 0. 010. 02 mm between. Some shrapnel gold-plated is needed to increase its electrical conductivity. Company is professional at the pearl river delta region phone part precision stamping processing manufacturers, especially for mobile phone shell, bus terminal, stamping parts, such as digital class interface. Basic for imported equipment, processing equipment for customers, processing efficiency, quality are greatly improved.
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