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Shrapnel windward area of research

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Precision shrapnel shrapnel shrapnel windward area of research/shrapnel interpretation system is mainly applicable to typical shrapnel windward area of interpretation. For the typical shrapnel windward area and shell fragments velocity data integrated computation, can a muzzle velocity and attenuation coefficient of the shell. Using this method for shell fragments velocity and attenuation coefficient than the application area of sectional method of measured result more scientific and more accurate, and avoid the growth of the shell and the anomalous phenomenon of the constant speed shrapnel. The development of the system is to use the 'are icosahedron, to simulate the method of dc torque motor and photoelectric shaft encoder, complete object stage and the rotation of the CCD camera movement and positioning perspective, the CCD camera can be achieved for sixteen independent direction projection measurement. Each batch size range of the shell under test is very big, to meet the accuracy of measurement, need optical system with large ratio, automatic zoom, the function of automatic focus, guarantee on the ccd-array into clear, through image acquisition data processing, calculate the average windward area of shrapnel.
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