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Silver contact riveting die test

by:Fortuna     2021-02-03
( 1) Silver loose contact riveting die: mobile or modules than unilateral clearance. Combined gap adjustment. ( 2) Die tilt: or die straight degree is not straight, or a foreign body between the template and make the template cannot be flat. To group made a correction or grinding. ( 3) Template deformation: the template or thickness hardness is not enough, deformation or trauma. Replacement of new templates or correct set of execution of work. ( 4) Mold base deformation: the thickness of the mold base is not enough or not average, guide pin, guide sleeve, straight degree of variation. ( 5) Die interference: die size, position is correct, have lower die positioning without deviation, set up will loose, have different precision punching machine, mold is not straight. ( 6) Punching and shearing deflection: silver contact riveting die punch strength is insufficient, the size of the punch is too close, the lateral force is not balanced, half inclined. Strengthen the strip off ramp guide protection or punch increase, pay attention to the feed length.
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