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Simply introduce a few kinds of stamping parts inspection

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
A molding stamping products have to pass strict inspection, and after qualified to launch the market, so as to guarantee the product quality and performance reach the requirements. Different methods of stamping parts inspection, the author will introduce you to some. First is the simple touch inspection, the staff clean as long as the touch of stamping parts, you can feel its surface quality, but this is largely depends on people's experience, thus inevitably has some error. So you also need to be further inspection, can use oil stone to grinding of stamping parts, especially some arc or hard-to-reach areas, can quickly check out the quality of the products. If it's not oil stone, can also use the flexible gauze burnish, its close to the stamping surface and along the longitudinal grinding to the surface of the whole, as a result, any pitting on the stamping parts, as well as the indentation phenomenon can be easily found. If you find defects, must be repaired before use.
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