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Single safety factor to discuss hem before pressing arm

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
We found no, consider what is the problem of car gens, safety factor is our single lap before pressing arm, now in the middle developed areas, car usage like bicycle decades ago. When people care about is the quality of our cars, performance problems. Nearly an article on the Internet when it comes to a lab to compare some popular car front hem arm material problem, in fact, most of the joint venture car front hem arms are single stamping, around 200000 cars are basically like this, do not rule out some imported cars are also use single stamping parts, what is the material single stamping, safety coefficient exactly how? Is specializing in the production of stamping parts of the hardware by us to do a simple analysis for you. In fact, many times we sourced the vast majority of automobile stamping single lap arm cast iron material is qualitative, and using a car on the market for a long time, is not a new car. Will tell from the feedback from the market in before in a violent collision cases almost no swing arm fracture cases. So, everyone is worried about too much. Automotive stamping parts, or dongguan hardware is strong, quality guaranteed, the service guaranteed!
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