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Some common problems encountered in processing metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
When processing metal stamping parts, stamping parts manufacturers will encounter large and small processing problems. What are the specific problems? Let’s briefly talk about it below; 1. Due to the friction between the metal stamping parts and the punch or die Adhesion or scratches on the surface of the part or mold; 2. Burrs appearing in the processing process, mainly from the shearing die and blanking die, the gap between the cutting edges is large or small. 3. There are foreign objects in the uncoiling line, including the convex and concave caused by the mixing of iron filings, rubber, dust, etc.; 4. The R-corner or embossing of the part due to uneven stress, poor drawbead matching or poor control of the pressure slider, etc. Zigzag phenomenon occurs in the part; 5. Wrinkles; due to poor adjustment of the press slider, low press accuracy, improper adjustment of the air cushion pressure, wrinkles on the edge or R part caused by large punches or R parts; 6. Line deviation In the processing and forming of the part, the part that is in contact with the metal stamping die is first squeezed into a line, etc.; Recommended article: The characteristics of the less waste die used in stamping parts The characteristics of the pot wall punching die
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