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Some metal stamping parts require the limit value of burr height

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
Most of the stamping products processed by stamping parts processing plants have different degrees of burrs. The height of the burrs exceeds a certain limit, which will affect the quality and performance of the stamping parts; stamping parts burrs refer to sheet metal punching The burr left on the section of the finished stamping part during cutting; in this case, after discussion and soliciting opinions from the National Forging Standardization Technical Committee, JB 4129-85 'Burr height of stamping parts' and sheet thickness ≤0.1mm and >0.1- The limit value of the burr height of 0.2mm stamping parts has been appropriately modified. The limit value of the burr height of stamping parts is as follows; this standard is only suitable for metal stamping parts that have certain requirements for burr height. It is not applicable and correct. Finished parts and precision blanking parts with special requirements for burrs; article source: How to define the appearance defects of metal stamping sheet parts? Previous post: Stamping parts processing plants must regularly maintain molds. What are the specific points?
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