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Some problems in the processing of metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Metal stamping parts sometimes have scratches or pad pits on the sheet before processing. There are many possibilities in this situation; no matter what causes the scratches and pad pits, we must prevent and solve them in advance. Let’s take a look below. There are all reasons for the scratches or pad pits of the metal stamping parts. Which ones? First of all, from the perspective of raw materials, the blanking workers should first check whether there are scratches or padding on the surface of the raw materials before the blanking. If there are serious scratches, the quality of the production of metal stamping parts should be the first In principle, the raw materials should be returned. For minor scratches, pits or attachments on the sheets, the blanking workers are required to use a white clean cloth for sanding treatment before they can be blanked for production. In the processing of metal stamping parts, stamping forming is mainly ensured by the mold. The adjustment method of the mold gap is very important. If the mold gap is small, the roundness error of the processed part is small, and the surface of the part may also be scratched. Sex. Before the metal stamping parts are processed, the working surface of the mold must be inspected. If there is a bump on the mold work surface, it must be sanded. At the same time, the mold work surface must be wiped clean before processing. In addition, in the stamping process, if Disposal of stolen goods such as slagging of parts should be dealt with in time to avoid the phenomenon of padding during the stamping process of parts; the padding caused by the stamping of the parts due to the film; in order to improve the surface quality of the metal stamping parts, sometimes the stainless steel parts are processed. The filming process is used to protect the surface quality of the parts. After the metal stamping parts are processed, the film is torn off. This filming process improves the surface quality of the parts. However, due to the difference in the quality of the film on the sheet material, air bubbles or sometimes appear Phenomenon such as film drop causes the occurrence of parts pad pits during the stamping process. Therefore, while the quality of the film is required, the quality awareness of the operators must be improved, and the bubbles and the film dropped in the film should be dealt with in time to truly achieve strict surface quality Control; metal stamping parts are also prone to scratches, pad pits and other surface quality problems during processing and placement, especially the way the parts are taken during processing and the way they are placed in the parts basket after processing. The placement method directly affects the degree of bumps on the surface of the metal stamping parts, so we require that after each process of processing the parts, they must be placed in a single layer and separated by a plastic flat net to effectively prevent the occurrence of bumps on the parts; Article recommendation: What are the characteristics of the comparison between cover parts and traditional stamping parts? Previous: Stretching process of cylindrical stamping parts with flange
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