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Some problems in the production process of metal stamping parts.


When the stamping factory is producing metal stamping parts, there are occasional scratches and pits. For these situations, we must take precautions and deal with them in a timely manner. Next, Dongguan Fortuna  will analyze the reasons for scratches or pits of metal stamping parts.

First of all, from the perspective of raw materials, it is necessary to check whether there are scratches or pits on the surface of the raw materials before cutting workers. If there are serious scratches, the quality of metal stamping parts must be produced As a guide, the raw materials are returned to the solution. In view of the mild scratches, pits or appendages on the plate, it is stipulated that the blanking workers can use a white clean cloth to carry out the stainless steel polishing solution before they can be blanked for production.

In the whole process of metal stamping parts processing, the forming of the stamping die is mainly ensured by the abrasive tool, and the adjustment method of the gap of the abrasive tool is very critical. There is a probability of scratches and so on.

Before the stamping parts are processed, the driving surface of the abrasive tool should be inspected. If there are bumps and bumps on the cabinet table during the grinding tool operation, stainless steel polishing must be carried out to solve the problem. In addition, the cabinet table during the abrasive tool operation should be cleaned and cleaned before processing. , In addition, in the stamping die processing, if there is any dirt such as slag of the parts, it should be properly handled, which can prevent the pits in the whole process of the stamping die of the parts;

Parts are damaged due to the film in the stamping die processing; in order to improve the surface quality of the metal stamping parts, sometimes the stainless steel parts and plates will be filmed to maintain the surface quality of the parts, and the film will be torn off after the metal stamping parts are processed. However, due to the difference in the quality of the film on the sheet, sometimes bubbles or film drop occurs, resulting in the occurrence of parts pad pits in the whole process of the stamping die, so the film is required to be applied. In addition to the quality, it is also necessary to improve the quality awareness of the actual operating staff, properly handle the bubbles and film falling off the film, and truly ensure the strict control of the surface quality of the parts;

Metal stamping parts are also prone to surface quality problems such as scratches and pits during the process of processing and placing, especially the method of picking and placing parts during processing and the method of placing them in the parts basket after processing, and the placement method in the parts basket. The method immediately endangers the level of bumps and bumps on the surface of the metal stamping parts. Therefore, we stipulate that after each process of the parts is processed, they must be placed on one side and separated step by step with a plastic flat net to reasonably avoid the occurrence of bumps and bumps. 

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