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Specific characteristics of molds that need to be sharpened in stamping parts processing plants

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
The mold used in the stamping parts processing plant needs to be sharpened once after a period of use. For the sharpening of the mold, it mainly depends on the sharpness of the cutting edge. From the following aspects, it is necessary to determine whether or not to sharpen; 1. The stamping parts processing plant should first check the fillet of the cutting edge. If the fillet radius reaches R0.1 mm (the maximum R value must not exceed 0.25 mm), it needs to be sharpened; 2. Secondly, the stamping parts processing plant should check the punching. Check the quality of the machine to see if there is any large burr; 3. Judge the need for sharpening by the noise of the machine stamping. If the noise is abnormal during the stamping of the same mold, it means that the punch is blunt and needs sharpening; 4. If the edge of the cutting edge is rounded or the rear of the cutting edge is rough, sharpening should also be considered; recommended article: What is the problem of unevenness on the surface of stamping parts? Previous post: What are the safety points in stamping parts processing?
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