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Speed up the development of international plastic pipe market

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
According to a German study, a research firm, to 2019, the global plastic tubing will amount to $80 billion market value. In 2011, with PVC as the raw material of plastic pipe proportion in the total output of more than 55%. Secondly, PE, HDPE, in particular, accounting for 28% of the remaining 45%. Experts say that although traditional materials are still popular, but the material such as ABS, PB, PA in the pipe production in the future will be more and more big. The asia-pacific region has surpassing North America and Western Europe, become the largest in the global demand for plastic pipe material, More than 50% of global demand) 。 According to forecast of Ceresana, in 2019, plastic pipe material demand will rise further in the asia-pacific region, is expected to more than 60% of global demand. A: metal stamping mold industry development situation in recent years
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