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Stainless steel mesh punch processing appear crushed material

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Dongguan precision is a specializing in stainless steel mesh, stainless steel fine mesh, stainless steel hole, stainless steel microporous stamping processing manufacturers, not only in the stamping process is of double material would happen shrapnel, the mesh of punch will also appear when crushed. What reason is caused? How to solve? Stainless steel mesh processing in the cause of the crushed material, generally is not appropriate hole clearance, clearance can cause bad mesh can't batch production. Improper feeding does not reach the designated position, cause feeding interval short. Stamping oil drop too fast, oil viscosity. Die no demagnetization. Blunt needle wear and tear; Blunt needle is too short, into the appropriate die depth cloth. These conditions will lead to mesh processing, the phenomenon of the crushed and double material. Corresponding methods are: control the stainless steel mesh upper and lower mould machining precision or modify clearance; Sent to the appropriate location when clip strip or clean up the mould in time; The controling stamping oil drops, reducing oil viscosity; Demagnetization mould; Grinding blunt needle; To adjust the depth of the die; Reduce the work mode under the sharpness.
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