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Stainless steel stamping parts stamping process of common problems and solutions

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Stainless steel stamping parts stamping process of common problems and solutions: 1, stainless steel stamping surface scratch scratch on the surface of the stainless steel stamping is mainly due to the workpiece and die surface relative motion, to a certain pressure, under the action of the local surface of billet and the mold friction directly, combined with the deformation of billet hot billet and scrap metal deposition in the mold on the surface, the surface scratch scratch. 2, stainless steel stamping workpiece produces burst index of cold work hardening of austenitic stainless steel, high deformation happens in phase transformation induced martensite phase. Martensite than brittle so prone to cracking. In addition during plastic deformation, with the increase of the deformation induced martensite content will also be increased with the increase of the deformation, caused by residual stress is, the greater the also more prone to cracking in the process of machining. 3, stainless steel stamping die fast wear small stainless steel stamping die clearance, convex concave mould is not good for the neutral, mold base and mold oriented components and turret with lack of precision mold wear. In addition, the same mold continuous overheating caused by long time stamping punch, and many local cutting, such as step blunt, Angle of attack or shear side force makes the punch to one side, cause mould wear serious. 4, stainless steel stamping mould occurs with material stainless steel stamping mold the extent of the sharp blade, mold of the modulus and die gap is reasonable factors, all can lead to mold and materials problems. In addition, if the use of special stamping oil, caused by oil oxidation on glue, viscosity increasing problems also arise with material. 5, stainless steel stamping parts stamping oil used in the selection of quality stainless steel stamping oil is very important, good performance of the stamping tensile oil containing sulfur chloride compound additive, at the same time guarantee the performance of extreme pressure processing, avoid artifacts appear hardening, burr, deformation, fracture and so on. At the same time to the workpiece finished product easy to clean, should choose as far as possible stamping tensile oil of low viscosity. Above is the common factor which causes stainless steel stamping process, reasonable arrangement of technology, using a dedicated stamping tensile oil, choose reliable raw materials can effectively improve the quality of the workpiece. A: metal stamping parts turn material and torsion of reason and solution
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