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Stainless steel stamping processing basic terminology

by:Fortuna     2021-02-15
A, deep drawing: the flat wool or process into the hollow parts, or put hollow pieces of further change shape and size of a stamping process. When drawing the hollow pieces rely mainly on the punch at the bottom of the outside of the material flow into the die to form. Second, trimming: using metal stamping mold trim the edge of the forming process, make it have a certain diameter and a certain height or must be in the shape of a stamping process. Three, punching: will waste along the closed contour from material or process on the separation of a stamping process, the materials needed hole or workpieces. Four, flanging: around the contour curve will turn into a short side edge of a stamping process. Five, the double hole: the material around the hole into side flange of a stamping process. Six, blanking: separate the material along the closed contour of a stamping process, isolated materials become artifacts or process, most is flat. Seven, plastic: depend on the material flow, a small amount of change process in shape and size, to ensure the accuracy of a workpiece stamping process. The previous: stainless steel precision stamping processing main application
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