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Stainless steel terminal die in spring applications

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Spring according to the different production times, 1 million times, 500000 times, 300000 times, for example, choose the compression ratio is larger, the shorter the life of spring, stainless steel terminal die life is shorter. Stainless steel terminal mold production for a period of time may spring didn't force, quality almost spring and may break inside the mold. Generally in accordance with the 300000 times to calculate the amount of compression spring, that is to say, die 300000 spring force decreased obviously. According to the maximum amount of compression to calculate words, can only ensure that spring do not blow in stainless steel terminal mold. Stainless steel terminal die mould pressure, also good flatness of product. Specific amount of compression is as follows: color 1 million times, 500000 times 300000 times maximum compression brown spring 16% 18% 20% 24% green spring 19. 20% of 21. 60% 24% 28% red spring 25. 28 60%. 32% 36% 40% 48% 80% 32% 38% blue spring spring 40% 45% 50% 58% maximum compression (yellow How much the spring can be pressed down) , the maximum number of compression spring is the free height of spring times the spring compression ratio of the largest, brown spring, for example, length of 60 mm, and then its maximum compression for: 60 * 24% approximately equal to 14, big can this spring 14 mm sag, and its range is 14 mm, the mould schedule must be less than 14 mm, more than 14 mm, spring could be failure, deformation, are likely to break in stainless steel terminal mold, and mold blow, punch press down, etc. Stainless steel terminal die set before, must first calculate the amount of spring compression is appropriate, so in the test of time don't have to worry about stainless steel terminal die cause problems, ringing, etc.
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