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Stamping application features

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping parts and castings, forgings, fights has the characteristic of thin, uniform, light and strong. Stamping can make this a master diameter is difficult to manufacture with enhanced, rib flanging, front, or artifacts, in order to improve its stiffness. Rejected due to the rough mould, workpiece precision can reach micron grade, and high precision, specification is consistent, can punching a hole nest, convex sets, etc. In the actual production, commonly used to approximate the manufacturability of stamping process test, such as deep drawing performance test, bulging performance test and other test materials stamping performance, guaranteed product quality and high qualified rate. Stamping with besides plate with hydraulic press forming, usually take grinds to press. In this high-speed transfer grinds to press as the focus, set up the equipment configuration open book of finished product collection, walks, and quick mold library and placement of the mould, and use computer French bundles, can form high production rate of the passive stamping production line. Per minute in the production of tens or hundreds of stamping conditions, finish stamping in short time, give the process, such as a person, often equipped with and quality incident.
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