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Stamping blank optimization design of multiple implementation way

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping parts end of precision and quality have a direct relationship with the design of the billet, the design of stamping blank many methods, which is based on some empirical formula design, due to its application range is affected, so is mainly used in shape simpler developable stamping parts, such as rotating shape parts, bending parts, or by a combination of these simple form a stamping parts. As only relatively simple shape stamping parts to build the corresponding slip line field, and only in a very simple boundary conditions to solving from characteristics of the mathematical expressions of slip line and slip line method because of complex mathematical operations, making this method more difficult in the actual production of the stamping blank in popularization and application. At the same time, the geometric mapping method is one of the stamping design method of blank, it is without considering the theoretical basis of the deformation force, stress and Strain relation and boundary friction boundary conditions and so on, according to some hypothesis implementation artifacts to blank map. But now is widely used in forming method is the simulation of stamping block, under certain conditions, according to the mathematical description of similarity many physical problems, through mathematical similarity theory, the other physical medium composed of metal flow model to simulate the sheet metal flange. This kind of design method to design the electrolyte device and data measurement, and its precision is affected by the human factor. In addition, has introduced a kind of velocity analysis method, is based on the workpiece boundary point in the process of deformation of the initial velocity field to optimize stamping blank design. Deformation boundary point in the process of moving from the initial position to the direction of the final forming. Direction of each node motion is nonlinear, and time is changing, obviously, if the final position of each node on the target outline, then get design is ideal.
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