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Stamping concave and convex reasons

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
For stamping concave and convex of a variety of reasons, we might adopt some corresponding countermeasures to reduce the topic probability to occur. Manufacturer in labor practice summarizes many teachings, although these methods fail to effective achievement, but if the continuous review and improvement in time, will get very good improvement achievement. Let's look at the lower stamping concave and convex method! Stamping parts in childbirth is the most common problems in the appearance of a bump topic, which is mostly caused by raw material or mould appearance adherent dust or iron filings, mechanical shell processing it has resulted in low product appearance character, and also make the productivity decline. Stamping operators exercise do not pay attention to, in the process of parts in balance of payments is expected to shift to the mold about collision conveyor belt around the corner; Conveyor belt height adjustment of different motivation; Automatically play equipment adjust different reason ( Travel, speed, etc. ) 。 Workstation load and deposited in the crushed deformation, overlap stacking, workshop equipment can produce a collision occurs, and so on some problems in the stamping deformation and bump. Manipulator when it into the mold speed setting is not rational internal collision phenomenon such as bad to produce the final product. Drawbead burns when produce iron powder; The location of the drawing die limit vent is not reasonable cause the final parts of convex concave; Mechanical processing shell caused by shear modulus ( Mainly waste edge position) Methods. Coil truncated when produce iron powder; After coil truncation, truncation plane left burr; A sheet or attached in the dirt. A: metal stamping parts processing characteristics is introduced
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