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Stamping custom - - Effective maintenance and management of stamping tool grinding machine

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Stamping custom - - A: effective maintenance and management of stamping tool grinding machine tool grinding machine, is made of abrasive grinding wheel peripheral or side face stamping machining workpiece surface grinding of a precision machine tools. 2: maintenance and management objective: in order to make the grinding machine clamping fixture to effective maintenance and management, to ensure the stamping parts processing precision. Our company based on the present situation of grinding machine for processing, the seven clamp fixture: gauge block, block, vice, sine table finisher, Angle, arc dresser and strong magnetic, into the grinder controlled clamping fixture management regulations. Three, right accountability: grinding groups: be responsible for the management of the clamp fixture parts. Grinding machine with clamp fixture only for the use of group development parts processing, generally do not borrow; If other for use must be approved by the department of ious, and clear the user identity and return date. Clamp fixture should be designated storage area, to ensure that the deposit is not affected by the environmental factors such as corrosion, vibration, friction damage. Shall regularly check of clamp fixture necessary, so as to ensure the accuracy of its use. a) Gauge block: send external authority checks on a regular basis. b) Stop: the dial gauge calibration block is horizontal and vertical degree. c) Vice: the dial gauge calibration vice verticality. d) Sine table finisher, Angle, arc dresser according to formal hand along specific machining a part, and then measured the Angle of parts or R, to check its accuracy. After check found that the holder has a deviation and does not conform to requirements of accuracy, must immediately stop using, and repair or scrap. Using grinding machine clamping fixture personnel shall have the relevant qualifications, to ensure that each clamp fixture can be operated by the right hand down. Use clamp fixture should be light to take light put, ensure that do not fall, do not wear, no contamination. Clamp fixture in shall place immediately after using, and clean the table body, rust-proof oil on deposit. In order to make our electronic parts dimension and tolerance of stamping parts more accurate, pay attention to the effective grinding machine equipment maintenance and management, the backbone for the normal production and processing!
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