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Stamping custom/high precision stamping technology characteristics and application fields

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
High precision stamping technology characteristics and application fields of high precision stamping technology is the modern stamping production of advanced manufacturing technology, it combines high precision press technology, high precision stamping die technology, high quality material technology, intelligent control technology and greening for the integration of high-tech. Application of high speed precision stamping technology mass production of products, high production efficiency, high quality, and saving energy and reducing consumption, save manpower, reduce cost and ensure safety production, etc, has becomes more and more important for national economy in various industrial production department. At present, the modern advanced manufacturing technology is the theme of the research and development around the world, especially in today's highly developed market economy, it occupies very important position. High speed precision stamping die technology mainly based on the use of sheet metal processing products, by the high speed press equipment, precision stamping die, the high quality coil of three basic elements, and the automation peripherals uncoiling device, leveling device, feeding device, material lubricating device, the device, a device, receiving device, such as coordinate connection, according to the stamping process of a kind of stamping automatic production lines. Stamping automation not only can greatly improve labor productivity, improve labor condition, reduce cost, and can effectively guarantee the safety in stamping production, fundamentally change the stamping production, therefore they are widely used in electronics, communication, automobile, machinery, military industry, light industry, electrical appliances, instrumentation, medical equipment, automation equipment and electrical appliances product manufacturing. In the orbit transportation, aerospace, new energy and other products is becoming more and more widely applied in the field of manufacturing.
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