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Stamping die design points about several steps?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Before the production of stamping parts stamping parts factory, first of all to design stamping die, good stamping mould is one of the important equipment, production of metal stamping parts stamping die in the design, about which steps? Let's have a look at; 1, the first is the search mold design original material, it is necessary technical preparation before mold design; Figure 2, review the stamping products and process card, on the basis of have the raw data for product and process audits, analysis of product parts stamping manufacturability, look at the process of making sketches and each working procedure is reasonable, if discover poor stamping manufacturability or making process is not reasonable, should be proposed amendments to the product design and process design department, after agreed to modify, only in this way, can make the product design, process and mould design, mould making direct replacement of the combination of better results; 3, on the process calculation, according to the procedure specified in the process of stamping process card content, in the process calculation of each process; 4, draw the mold assembly diagram has other parts figure; 5, drawing dies, molds drawings design must be carried out after checking, it is an indispensable step in stamping die design; 6, write, stamping design specifications, design and calculation specification is an important technical documentation, especially for some important working parts process and mold design; At the end of the design work should also write design specifications, for future reference;
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