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Stamping die safety design points


The stamping die is the main process equipment for stamping, and the stamping is done by the relative motion of the upper and lower molds. In the structure, it should be as convenient as possible to ensure the feeding, setting, delivery and cleaning of waste. For the processing of small parts, it is strictly forbidden for the operator's fingers, wrists or other parts of the body to extend into the mold area. For the processing of large parts, if the operator has to manually enter the mold, it is necessary to reduce the range of the mold as much as possible, to shorten the time of a certain part of the body staying in the mold, and to clarify the range of the dangerous area of the mold, with the necessary Protective measures and devices.

The various parts on the stamping die should have sufficient strength and rigidity to prevent damage and deformation during use. The fastening parts should have anti-loose measures to avoid accidental injury to the operator. It is not allowed to cause scrap or workpiece missiles during processing, affecting the operator's attention and even injuring the operator. In addition, it is necessary to avoid the burrs of the punching pieces to cut the hands. The operator is not allowed to have an excessive range of motion during the punching operation, avoiding the posture that causes the body to lose stability. It is not allowed to have too many and too difficult actions during the operation. Try to avoid strong noise and vibration during stamping.

The stamping die design should indicate the weight of the mold on the general drawing for easy installation and safety. More than 20 kilograms of parts should be processed with lifting and lifting measures to reduce labor intensity. It is convenient and safe to assemble and disassemble the mold parts, avoiding the possibility of pinching or cutting hands. The mold should be easy to disassemble and store. In short, even subtle problems in the mold will affect safety. Only by analyzing the specific problems in each job can the safety precautions in the mold be presented.

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