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Stamping equipment stamping mold how to maintain

by:Fortuna     2020-04-25
Many users do not pay attention to maintenance when using metal stamping die, in fact this idea is not correct, why say so, modern hardware that manufacturers should pay attention to maintenance, metal stamping die to make them better, use a metal stamping die and prolongs the service life of metal stamping die, many users do not know how to maintenance and maintenance, only for effective maintenance, to make the stamping process more efficient, make enterprise get higher production efficiency. So how to maintenance and maintenance of the metal stamping die for stamping mould is called stamping mold or matrix, the mold is a kind of special tools, used in the processing required to punch in metal or nonmetal material, very important is not conform to the requirements of the matrix, and difficult to stamping for mass production, so that processing of stamping parts can meet the requirements. Without advanced matrix, is unable to perform advanced stamping process and stamping process and stamping stamping equipment, and materials constitute the stamping process of three elements, they can only combination to stamping parts, metal stamping mold, pressure plate and other high quality pressure plate, discharging part, pneumatic material at the top of the stripping plate, in the maintenance and maintenance, it is necessary to verify each part of attachment is damaged, if there is any damage, must be corrected in a timely manner. If the hydraulic oil leakage, please check the pneumatic top material and use condition in detail, if the hydraulic tubing damage can be replaced immediately, springs and other elastic components in metal stamping die in use process more easily damaged, usually can be replaced cracks and deformation, maintenance and repair methods, but should pay attention to the standard and type of spring, change process needs to be done in accordance with the requirements of the regulations, only for effective maintenance and maintenance, to achieve the ideal use effect.
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