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Stamping factory is how to check the mesh and precision stamping incoming

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Stamping manufacturer will be confirmed according to the warehouse inspection report on incoming material carried by the makers of the name of the manufacturer and the relevant inspection report, material related information, is in line with the requirements. Detailed steps are: AQL sampling plan attachment and incoming inspection specification, inspection, and then contrast test results and supplier inspection report, confirm whether consistent. Qualified inspection qualified label, released material. Unqualified audit process will be handed over to quality supervisor. Will this quality corrective preventive measures after the director of audit assistant unified sent to responsible department, relevant departments to reply the improvement measures need to make a copy of control, and by IQC to confirm the improvement effect of follow-up, abnormal process complaints material, IQC need to the scene to confirm the situation of the material conditions allow should increase the sampling volume, heavy test, bad true need immediately to bad material labeled open corrective and preventive measures list issued to responsibility department. Above is rushed mesh precision stamping factory inspection incoming material process. How do your incoming inspection process?
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