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Stamping forming process of the stamping plant

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Bending: the metal sheet, pipe fittings and shaped bend at an Angle, curvature and the shape of the plastic molding method. Bending is widely used in the production of stamping parts of one of the main process. The bending of metal material is essentially a elastic-plastic deformation process, after unloading, the direction of the workpiece can produce elasticity deformation, says the springback. Springback affecting the precision of the workpiece is bending process technology of pipe fittings must be considered. Deep drawing, deep drawing, also known as drawing or calender, is to use the mould for cutting after flat blank into the opening of the hollow parts stamping processing method. By deep drawing process can be made into cylinder, step, conical, spherical, box and other irregular shape thin-walled parts. If cooperate with other stamping forming process, still can make extremely complex shape parts. In the stamping production, there are many kinds of deep drawing parts. Due to the different geometric characteristics, deformation area location, the nature, the distribution of deformation and stress state and distribution of each part of the billet is very large, and even the nature of the differences. So the determination of process parameters, process and sequence number method and principles of mold design and the method is different. All kinds of deep drawing parts according to the characteristics of deformation mechanics of rotors can be divided into straight wall ( Cylindrical parts) , straight wall of solid of revolution, Box form) And surface of rotors ( Surface shape parts) And the surface of four types of rotors, etc. Form is by pulling die exert force on sheet metal, sheet uneven tensile stress and tensile strain of the sheet and then pull shape mold joint surface expands gradually, until with fractal model surface completely fit. Shape of applicable object is mainly manufacturing material has certain plasticity, large surface area, ease and curvature change is smooth, high quality requirements, Accurate, smooth streamline shape, stable quality) Double curvature of the skin. Pull form due to the process equipment and equipment is simple, so the cost is low, flexibility; But low material utilization ratio and productivity. Spin is a kind of metal turning process. In the process of machining, the mould of billet with spinning active or spinning rotating round billet and spinning mould rotation, relative mandrel spinning head and feed movement, billet making hollow billet continuous local deformation and to obtain the required solid of revolution parts. A: stainless steel stamping design principles
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