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Stamping industry market and the problems existing in the technical level

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
Because many stamping factory belong to the same, therefore, stamping parts market is not perfect and sound. But some small stamping parts in the market in the southern region is very mature. As things stand, the following problems: stamping parts market in China ( 1) Some production capacity exceeds the demand, some makers in the stamping plant, put no, can't. One year production task, most of the time without market behavior. ( 2) Electrical appliances, electrical appliances stamping industry market competition is intense. But the small enterprises with international competitiveness. ( 3) Research stamping market thing no one seriously. Stamping manufacture market desultorily. In the market, technology development is restricted, the entire industry is backward, displays in: ( 1) Overall level is low, many industry overcapacity, the lack of high-grade technology. Technological progress is slow. ( 2) Material technology, mould technology, lubrication technology and equipment level is low, far cannot satisfy the needs of the development of domestic production. A: headset speakers, hardware accessories, supplies horn Headset speakers, city Jiang Cheng hardware products factory
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