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Stamping industry present situation and future development direction

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Stamping technology with the development of the demand for an unprecedented understanding and reform, no matter have a great progress on the depth and breadth. Especially in combination with high and new technology, method and the system has a new change. First look at the development characteristics of stamping technology. With the computer technology and information technology, modern measurement and control in the field of stamping penetration and intersection and fusion, promote the development of stamping technology updates faster. The real development of stamping technology, began in the industrial production of car. ( 1) Stamping technology involved in the development of material, energy, tooling, equipment, etc. Process method in the process of innovation and its scientific analysis and control is the core of technology development; Mold technology is the embodiment of the stamping technology development, is to determine the product manufacture cycle, cost, quality of the most important factors. ( 2) Forming process of the development of the digital simulation technology, and promote the traditional stamping technology to the scientific, into the ranks of advanced manufacturing technology. ( 3) The rapid development of automobile, aircraft and other industrial and energy factors are the main driver of stamping technology development. Entering the new century, environmental factors and the related law is increasingly prominent, automotive lightweighting design and manufacture of become the important topic. ( 4) Stamping performance research and improvement is in full accord with the development of stamping technology. With the development of era, the development of advanced forming technology, the development of digital technology, the development of stamping technology has unprecedented changes. Especially after China's accession to the wto, is full of opportunities and challenges to the development of the environment, let China high and new technology in severe challenge to the traditional technology. The national economy and national defense construction is also to the stamping technology development put forward higher requirements. While accelerating personnel training, enhance technology innovation ability, improve the overall quality of the contingent of stamping technology and the competitiveness of enterprises is not for the fact that. A: metal stamping technology and processing method
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